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Caution! The RSWL from 2020 is left over from 2019 and is not correct. This will be fixed with #SDQL3.

Query Fundamentals:

A query consists of one or more clauses joined by and or or.
The full format for reference to the NFL SportsDataBase is game reference:parameter.


The query:
team=Bears and site=home
returns home games for the Bears

If no team is given then results for any team are checked.
p:points<10 and pp:points<10
returns games after a team scored fewer than 10 points the past two games.

If no game reference is given then results for the current game are checked.
returns games in which teams scored fewer than 10 points.

If no conditional is imposed then the results are grouped by the reference.
returns games grouped by all occurrences of previous points.

Multiple conditions can be imposed using a comma delimited format.
gives results grouped by previous points < 7, previous points < 10, and previous points < 14.

Game Reference:

t => team's stats
o => opponent's stats
p => team's previous game
op => opp's previous game
P => previous match up
n => team's next game
on => opp's next game
N => next match up


The query:
site=home and P:points<10 and PP:points<10
returns home games where team scored fewer than 10 point the past two head-to-head match ups


The query:
returns games after a team punts 3 times

Short Cuts:

H, A, W, L, F, D, O, U, C are short cuts for home,away,win,loss,favorite,dog,over the total,under the total, and conference. As with the parameter prefixes, these can be strung together without limit.


The query:
HF and p:HFL and pp:HFL
returns home favorites after they just lost as home favorites their last two games.

The query:
P:O and PP:O and PPP:O and PPPP:O and PPPPP:O and PPPPPP:O
returns games where teams have gone over the total their last six matchups.

In addition to the above single letter short cuts the following abbreviations are available:

ATSL - ats loss
ATSW - ats win
AWP - Away Winning Percentage
3DM - third downs made
3DA - third downs attempts
3DF - third down failures
3DP - third down conversion percentage
4DM - fourth downs made
4DA - fourth downs attempts
4DF - fourth down failures
4DP - fourth down conversion percentage
COMP - completions
CP - completion percentage
DIV - divisional game
DTD - defensive touchdowns
FD - first downs
FDP - first down percentage
FG - number of field goals
FUM - fumbles
FUML - fumbles lost
GTGA - goal to go attempted
GTGF - goal to go failed
GTGM - goal to go made
HWP - Home Winning Percentage
INC - incomplete passes
INT - interceptions
M1 - margin after the first
M2 - margin at the half
M3 - margin after the third
NDIV - non-divisional game
NOTD - non-offensive TDs
OFPL - offensive plays
OT - overtime
P1 - points in the first
P2 - points in the second
P3 - points in the third
P4 - points in the fourth
PEN - penalties
PENY - penalty yards
PFD - passing first downs
PENFD - penalty first downs
PO - playoffs
PTD - passing touchdowns
PY - passing yards
RFD - rushing first downs
RTD - rushing touchdowns
REG - regular season
RTD - rushing touchdowns
RY - rushing yards
RZA - red zone attempts
RZM - red zones made
RZF - red zone failures
S1 - points in the first
S2 - total points after the second
S3 - total points after the third
SIQ - scored in quarters - the team scored in this many quarters
STDPAPG - season-to-date pass attempts per game
STDoPAPG - season-to-date opponent's pass attempts per game
STDPC - season-to-date percent completions
STDoPC - season-to-date opponent's percent completions
STDPP - season-to-date percent passes
STDoPP - season-to-date opponent's percent passes
STDPR - season-to-date percent rushes
STDoPR - season-to-date opponent's percent rushes
STDPYPG - season-to-date passing yards per game
STDoPYPG - season-to-date opponent's passing yards game
STDRAPG - season-to-date rush attempts per game
STDoRAPG - season-to-date opponent's rush attempts per game
STDRYPG - season-to-date rushing yards per game
STDoRYPG - season-to-date opponent's rushing yards per game
STDRZP - season-to-date red zone percentage
STDoRZP - season-to-date opponent's red zone percentage
STDYPPA - season-to-date yards per passing attempt
STDoYPPA - season-to-date opponent's yards per passing attempt
STDYPRA - season-to-date yards per rushing attempt
STDoYPRA - season-to-date opponent's yards per rushing attempt
SY - sack yards
TD - number of touchdowns
TO - turnovers
TOM - turnover margin
TOP - time of possession
TY - total yards
WP - winning percentage
YPC - yards per completion
YPPL - yards per play
YPPT - yards per point
YPPA - yards per pass
YPPP - yards per pass play (includes sacks)
YPRA - yards per rushing attempt   
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