About KillerSports


KillerSports combines the power of data, technology, and professional expertise to sports and sports betting analytics. Our users rely on us to deliver accurate and up to date information to help them make more informed strategic investment decisions for all different kinds of Fantasy Sports, Sports Betting, or just investigating interesting record or result data for media or personal use. Data we provide includes but is not limited to:

  • Team Data
  • Player Data for Player Props or Analysis
  • Betting Market Odds
  • Daily Fantasy Stats
  • Coaching Records
  • League-wide Data

What Do you Want to Do?

  • Research and Analysis: Run queries in our historical database to find player value indicators and info for player prop or DFS, team info, league-wide situations, and coaching trends. Determine the significance of thousands of variables in the markets and potential market inefficiencies.
  • Other Ways to Find Markets Inefficiencies or Determine which Variables have the Biggest Impact:
  • Build Systems to Power Rate, Save, and Track: Filter data for results to put your own personal power ratings on and save for future reference to be alerted to. Learn More
  • Get Alerts: Our Active Schedule View allows you to see when any of your personal saved research or any of the AI Trend Vault or KS-Pro Indicators are active, and on which games:
  • Discuss Ideas and Strategies with Our 1,500+ Member Community: Follow our Twitter handle and join our Discord community where trends are shared daily. Learn More
  • Learn: Mingle with our pros in our Discord community, read the Educational guides on our website, or email us with questions.

Introduction to KillerSports

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

Email us. If there's a valuable product or tool we don't have we'll either develop it or point you in the direction of another existing provider. We are dedicated to providing you with the best sports handicapping and betting investment information.