Line Shopping in Sports Betting

How It Boosts Your Winning Percentage

The lines in our sports databases are currently a consensus of closing lines from several of the leading national sportsbooks. While that should provide a baseline for finding profitable situations, shopping around for the best available lines will only increase that profitability. In the world of sports betting, finding an edge can be the difference between a winning and losing season. One powerful strategy that virtually all experienced bettors use is "line shopping." This involves comparing the odds, point spreads, and prices offered by different sportsbooks for the same game or event. The goal is to secure the best possible line, which can significantly impact your long-term profitability.

The Power of Multiple Sportsbook Accounts

Successful sports bettors maintain accounts at multiple sportsbooks, often numbering between at least 6 and 12 accounts. This allows them to shop for the most favorable odds before placing a wager. By comparing lines across different sportsbooks, you can potentially gain an extra 0.5 to 1.0 point on each bet, increasing your win percentage by 1-5%. This seemingly small advantage can be crucial for consistent success.


General Types of Sportsbooks

To maximize your line shopping efforts, it's recommended to have an account at various types of sportsbooks. Some books cater more to square bettors and tend to offer better lines for Underdogs and Under wagers. Some books openly take sharp action and tend to have better lines for Favorites and Over wagers. Do not underestimate the value of having access to Reduced Juice sportsbooks. These sportsbooks are known for their lower juice (vig) on bets, typically offering -105 odds on most games instead of the standard -110. This means you need to win only 51.22% of your bets to break even instead of 52.38%. If you can get access to Online Betting Exchanges they often have lower juice as well.


Line shopping is a crucial strategy for sports bettors looking to gain an edge. It requires research, diligence, and the ability to track your bets and the lines you secured. In a highly competitive and dynamic market, finding the best possible odds is essential for long-term success. Whether you are an experienced bettor or just starting, line shopping will help you make the most of your sports betting endeavors.