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"Rest Sandwich" - Low Volume NBA Under Trend 85% since 2017    
"Lets Go Streaking" - Low Volume NBA OVER Trend 71. (...more)
"The Under Reaction" - Mid Volume NBA UNDER Trend 6 (...more)
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  Charlies Hustle   learn more
NHL, 2015-TD - 151-74 SU (+14.5% RoI)    
NHL, 229-203 (avg line +119 / 14.3% RoI) 2013-TD    
NHL, 170-78 (+11.8% RoI) 2015-TD    
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  SBB   learn more
NCAABB 377-291 ATS Value Spot System     
NBA Monsterous 1101-1568 OU (58.7% under) Value To (...more)
NCAABB 197-134 ATS Key Offensive Success System (5 (...more)
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  KS   learn more
Daily All NFL and NBA KillerSports Actives    
One Week of All NFL and NBA KillerSports Actives    
One Month of All NFL and NBA KillerSports Actives    
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  SDQG   learn more
NBA0001 - This NBA system, which involves revenge, (...more)
NBA0002 - This 4-39 ATS system involves a road team (...more)
  PCG   learn more
(2) Active Systems - (NBA - ATS - SU)    
(1) Active System - (NHL - ML + O/U)    
ATS, SU, OU (ALL) PCG Trends Full Month    
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  DatabaseSportsPicks1   learn more
NHL01: UNDER: 219-166-29 (56.9%) 8/ (...more)
NHL2: Underdog SU Record: 160-137 (53.9%) and (+25 (...more)
NHL3: Home Favorites Record: SU: 164-105 (61%) for (...more)
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  Auz3000   learn more
NBA 56-128-5 O/U (69.6% UNDER Record Since 2015)    
NBA 126-60-2 O/U (67.7% OVER Record Since 2015)    
869-592-29 (59.5%. 13.4% ROI)(150-250games p/season (...more)
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  MrEast   learn more
MLB 235-361-33 O/U lots of plays 14.7 ROI    
MLB 4-50 team trend     
MLB 14-83 and +25.8% ROI    
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  Rooktiss   learn more
NBA System Free from 2019 NBA Schedule Log    
NBA 60% ATS since 2005! Consistent    
NBA 64% since 2011! Favorites only, very consistent    
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  exFinance   learn less
  • Ph.D. in nonlinear physics from the University of Illinois
  • 20 Years experience predicting the Stock Market.
  • Zero Years experience Handicapping Sports.
In my experience, successful Machine Learning is always a healthy balance between undirected and directed Learning. While I cut my teeth, I can't realistically expect to outperform experienced handicappers, as the machine learning will be by default almost completely undirected, as I am not an expert in the field. But I am optimistic about my future. Trends this week will all be $5. As I gain confidence, expect my prices to increase accordingly. If any of you purchasers find something of interest in my trends, please share with me, as that is how the learning will go from undirected to directed.
NHL 14% ROI active 20 times so far in 2020    
NBA 56-13 since 2012 with 3 perfect years.    
NBA 346-180 since 2012. Active 12 times in Jan 2020    
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  StreakCoolers   learn more
NBA B2B TREND Underdogs are 46-22-1 (67.6%) (...more)
NHL - Cool $pot $peCial - Division Do (...more)
Saturdays ONLY! - NCAAB - DD Dogs ATS (...more)
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  systemofawin   learn more
NCAAB001: 2016 - TD: 140-90-6 ATS (61%)     
NCAAB002: 201-132-14 ATS (60%)    
NCAAB003: 2 games active 2/22 66-28-3 ATS (70%) (...more)
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