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NFL 93-49 ATS Consistant Play System (65.5% playing on)    
NCAAFB 119-164 OU (58% Under) Streak Based System    
NCAAFB 149-233 OU (61% Under) Total Based System ( (...more)
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MLB 2016-TD; SU: 141-63 (9.6% RoI), RL 115-89 (+10.1% RoI)    
NFL004, 49-13-1 (+79%) on the under. 2012-TD    
NFL007, 57-27-2 (67.9%) ATS, week 6 or earlier (201 (...more)
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FREE from 2020 NFL Annual    
60% NFL ATS All Time - high volume (189-124)     
62% NFL ATS All Time (69-42)    
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NFL001: 56-29-4 ATS (66%) since 2012. Weeks 1-7 (...more)
NFL002: 68-39-1 ATS (63%) since 2010, around 10 (...more)
NFL003: 148-81-4 ATS (65%) all time, averages a (...more)
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NFL3 Trend: SU: 27-2 (93.1%) and ATS: 25-4 (86.2%) (...more)
NFL4: SU+ATS both 23-8 (74.2%) 8/1/ (...more)
NFL5: ATS: 57-13-0 (81.4%) 8/1/2012-10/9/2020    
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NCAAF Home Favs since 2017, ATS 30-11-1 (73 (...more)
NFL Home Dogs {Week Specific} since 2001, SU (...more)
NCAAF Home Dogs since 2017, ATS 133-77-6 (63 (...more)
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NCAAF 73-28 ATS    
NCAAF 83-40 ATS    
NCAAF 129-67-3 ATS    
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(2) Active Systems - (NBA - ATS - SU)    
(1) Active System - (NHL - ML + O/U)    
ATS, SU, OU (ALL) PCG Trends Full Month    
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MLB 009: MLB Moneyline: 9 seasons at .700 or better    
NFL 111: 68% NFL OVER Angle, more than 100 plays!    
NFL 114: 65% Divisional Over/Under System    
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One week of ALL active MLB trends    
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NBA 46-108-5 O/U (70.1% UNDER Record Since 2017)    
NBA 131-63-3 O/U (66.8% OVER Record Since 2015)    
MLB 901-654 (57.7%)(150-250games p/season) STARTER (...more)
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I am a CPA that uses SDQL, data analytics/advanced metrics, and psychology in my handicapping to be a profitable sports investor. My main focuses are in NBA, NFL, and MLB.

The SDQL provides information that can help me understand and analyze the psyche and tendencies of players, teams, the betting public, and bookmakers in certain situations. I would love to share my findings with you and achieve our common goal of beating the books.

I find it important that a trend that I offer is predictive and logical. My offerings will not only include the SDQL query text, but will have a detailed breakdown and instruction of each parameter and WHY it derives profitable results.

Follow me on Twitter at @awang_htx. Please contact me if you have any questions on the queries that are available for purchase.

NFL001: 80-52-3 O/U (61%) System since 2001!    
NFL002: 71-111-4 ATS (39%) System since 2001!    
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