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Started in April 2010 by a member of the old Billy Walters 'Computer Group' from the 80's and an Industrial Designer, PROCOMPUTERGAMBLER has achieved over 640 units flat betting 1 unit per game. Here is a systems guide for our systems:

Here is an example of what you can expect to see day to day with the 'All Sports ATS,SU,OU Power Systems Only':

*NFL Power System: *Since 1989, DOGS with ZERO WINS in the second half of the season are 58-26-3 (66.7%) ATS.
SDQL TEXT: wins=0 and 16>=week>=8 and line>=0

*Here is what makes this system good:*

1. LOGIC: The team has no wins; they're going to be undervalued. No one can stomach a bet. Meanwhile they will be playing at a 110% level to score their first win. This year (2014) we saw the winless Raiders take down a SOLID Kansas City Chiefs for +7 points at home. They covered the spread 3-1 against the following top-tier teams in the process of finding their first win: SEAHAWKS (in the SuperBowl now), Chargers (almost made it to the playoffs). Logic is extremely important. We don't do trend sets. We find this stuff by hand and apply rules and logic by hand doing research on a daily basis. Also, the sports betting environment is constantly evolving and so are we. Year in and year out; always on our toes. Trend / system finding is a perpetual process and always will be. We also closely monitor all systems and trends and eliminate ones that don't seem viable anymore. This is quite rare and we're usually very reluctant to eliminate a system withing a 5 YEAR lifespan.

2. SIMPLE: This system has just 2 parameters! That makes it one of my best and most likely to hold up moving forward.

2. Z-Score / Standard score - This is one of the ultimate ways to immediately determine is something is the product of pure chance or if it is possibly meaningful. Every good statistician knows about standard score; it is too undervalued. wins - losses / sqrt (wins + losses)

The Z-Score for this system is 3.8 which is tremendous. 2 is considered highly meaningful and even 1 or 1.5 are widely considered. This system is almost quadruple the bare minimum; there is most likely something to it! Standard score puts an emphasis NOT on win rate, but win rate over a sample size. The more something has happened, the more likely that is was not chance.

3. SEASONS: This system has won / profited in 17 out of 18 seasons! We place greater value in LONG TERM systems. They tend to be less likely to just be a flash in the pan.

4. LARGE SAMPLE SIZE - 71 game sample. More is better. Some people say that too many is too many, but I think that is the system is simple and profitable in enormous samples (hundred or thousands of games) that adds to is. We do not like 5-0, 10-0 or 20-0 types of systems as they tend to be more questionable. To each his own though this is our philosophy...

5. THE MONEYLINE ALSO PROFITS - This just adds to everything for obvious reasons. This is an ATS system, but we want to see some roi usually for moneyline as well as they're correlated.

6. LINEAR QUALITY - This situation has a strong p-value on the 'wins' parameter which adds to how viable it probably is statistically speaking. In layman's terms, it means that this holds up as the teams number of wins gets smaller and smaller linearly and eventually reaches pinnacle at 'wins=0'. The 'worse' a team is the more they want those late season wins!

7. GOOD AVERAGE SU/ATS/OU MARGIN - TThe bigger the average ATS record's ppg is, the better because it possibly means our system is LESS the product of pure chance...

So to are the things that we like to see in a system: *Simplicity. Few parameters. *Logic *Large sample. I don't take 5-0, 10-0, systems too seriously. *Winning seasons to losing seasons. *Lots of history to support. *Consistency over seasons. *Linear Quality

ProComputerGambler (originally mentored by one of the members of the famous Billy Walters 'Computer Group from the 80's that beat Vegas for millions on FBI records) has been at this for over 10 years and has not had one single losing year. That doesn't mean that we haven't seen some ups and downs though or marginal years. The important things to remember while following PCG spread betting and moneyline tips are to stick to your guns, NEVER be afraid to PASS and don't get emotional. Follow these three tips and we can make slow and STEADY growth together for a very reasonable charge from me: Tom -

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