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SDQL Trend Mart
the sdql makes the market
Use this page to learn about buying and selling sports trends.
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Thank you for your interest in the SDQL Trend Mart.

The currency used to buy and sell trends here is web debit dollars.

Once your web debit account is loaded up, visit the Trend Mart to shop for trends and learn more about each Trend Master's background and philosophy.

SDQL Masters sell individual trends as well as on-going web access to trend sets.

In the case of individual trends you get the SDQL text and an English explanation to use as you see fit.

Web access shows each SDQL trend with its current record and provides a link to the game listing.
  Active web access shows only the trends active for the current day (or week, in the case of football).
  Full web access provides active web access and allows the buyer to view and download the full trend set.

To learn how to build your own trend sets for any of our hosted sports, see the Saving SDQL Trends page.

Tools to Master the SDQL:

   Read the manual at
   Watch the video query of the day at Youtube.
   Ask and answer questions at the google discussion group.
   Post and discover #SDQL on twitter.

To sell at the Trend Mart:
  Master the SDQL;
  load up your trend set;
  e-mail your user name to   

The information available here is believed, but not guaranteed, to be accurate, is for recreational purposes only, and is not intended to violate any state, local, or federal laws.