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SDQL Trend Mart
the sdql makes the market
Use this page to learn about saving sports trends.
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How if works.

First, you need to be signed in as a member. Use the controls in the upper right to sign in and out.

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After performing a query from the SDQL Query page you will see a save to personal trends hyper link above the query text input box.

Clicking on this save to personal trends link will bring you to a page where you can type in a description of the trend.
Along with a description (e.g. home dog after a road loss), many clients like to type in the record of the trend here in order to track the performance throughout the season.

AFTER entering a description, clicking on the SAVE button saves your trend.
When one of your trends is active, you will see a hyper link to the game listing and your descriptive text on the Trends page for that sport.

Currently, you are allowed two free trends, after which each trend costs two bucks per season.

Trends are updated day by 6:00AM EST so updated trends will be available by the next day.

SDQL Masters are invited to sell trends at our Trend Mart.

Tools to Master the SDQL:

   Read the manual at
   Watch the video query of the day at Youtube.
   Ask and answer questions at the google discussion group.
   Post and discover #SDQL on twitter.

To find out more or to apply to sell trends e-mail us at:   

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